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  • ReferenceUSA (Website or Online Data) : AVAILABLE TO ALL USERS IN THE LIBRARY. Directory information on U.S. business, health care, and residential listings. Search by company name, geographic area, business type, SIC code, yellow page listing, revenue, location, number of employees or any combination of the above. In addition to address and phone number, each entry includes officer names and ...
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  • Location – Zip Code, Neighborhood, City, Metropolitan Area, County, Area Code, State or the entire U.S.A. Type of Business – Yellow Page Heading, Major Industry Group, SIC listing and Professionals (doctors, dentists, etc) Size of Business – Filter by Number of Employees or Sales Volume; Location Type – Headquarters, Subsidiary, Branch
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  • 2. Add the full list of SIC codes from the commercial data (InfoUSA and Acxiom) into the California mailing along with the “active” CSLB data. This will add back in approximately 37% (29% from InfoUSA and 8% from Acxiom), increasing the total quantity by approximately 16% and increasing the total outreach in California to approximately 87%. 3.

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    InfoUSA is the industry leader for business and consumer lists and sales leads. Get information on 25 million businesses and 245 million consumers.

    Melissa helps companies to harness Big Data, legacy data, and people data (names, addresses, phone numbers, and emails).

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    Aug 29, 2007 · There are a number of companies that sell business leads or mailing lists, most have Internet access for a monthly fee. I've used this to extract businesses by SIC codes in a given area and then you apply your favorite marketing method: dial for dollars, targeted mailing, drop in and visit, whatever works for you.

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    More than a year ago, I did a little research using InfoUSA’s query engine. At the time, I was interested in the number of businesses (in certain SIC codes) with 3-49 employees (small businesses by my definition). That count (excluding some SIC codes that were not of interest) was almost 4,000,000 businesses.

    the community of Wilmington is the focus of our study, we included all businesses in ZIP code 90744, and only facilities outside of ZIP code 90744 whose volume or toxicity of emissions might impact predicted pollutant concentrations in Wilmington. To compile our list, we used eight data sources: • InfoUSA Œ commercial business list (90744)

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    Solar Energy Industry NAICS Code: 333414 SIC Code: 3433 Solar Energy/Solar Panels Solar Energy Industry Analysis (SBDCNet) US Department of Energy (DOE) Solar Energy Technologies Program (DOE) Solar Energy Association List Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) American Solar Energy Society (ASES) International Solar Energy Society (ISES)

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    Search by company name, geographic area, business type, SIC code, yellow page listing, revenue, location, number of employees or any combination of the above. In addition to address and phone number, each entry includes officer names and titles, corporate affiliation, business type and size of yellow page advertising.

    Street Address People; 247 North Ave, New Rochelle, NY 10801-6404: Israel W Andola, Planned Parenthood: 248 North Ave, New Rochelle, NY 10801-6405: Direct Mattress Corp, Direct Mattress & Furniture Corp

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    The initial list of laboratories purchased from infoUSA included over 5,000 testing and calibration laboratories that are included in SIC code 8734-02, which pertains to laboratories providing testing services. Laboratories that do not test food products were initially excluded from this list as described below.

    Apr 28, 2015 · Business Lists - By SIC Code - InfoUSA 274107 Publishers-Directory&Guide(Mfrs)..1,704 2 741 9M ul tim ed a( nfc rs) .5, 0 274121 734901 VenetianBlinds-Cleaning ..1,033 734902 JanitorService Business Lists-By SIC Code If your required list is not shown, please call us for help. ...

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Dec 11, 2008 · This is followed by a geographical index listed by county and then by town. Information given is brief and includes, in addition to contact information, number of employees by range (e.g., 1-5; 6-10, etc) and revenue also by range, plus a very brief description of what the company does. Volume 2 has the companies arranged by SIC code.
7. What was the source of the SIC codes used in the DC analysis? R/ InfoUSA was the database used 8. Is the online database developed through NCFRP 25 available yet (website says still under development) or a schedule for availability? FG/FTG Database R/ The FG/FTG database you mention contains a compilation of all the models reported in the
Retail categories and SIC Codes are obtained from a leading business database, InfoUSA, when available. Each entry is fi eld verifi ed or determined by our research staff. In general, public retail space is characterized as all space currently, or most recently, utilized in selling or renting retail goods and/or services to the public.