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  • 供應小包裝1KG亨斯邁原裝進口邁聚醚胺T-403,D-2000及T-5000 ... 聚氧丙烯二胺Jeffamine D2000亨斯邁D2000 ...
XTJ-436 C9H19 CH3 (O ) 13.5 NH2 XTJ-436 is a 1000 molecular weight, nonylphenol initiated, polypropylene glycol derived monoamine. Slower Amines Slower amines analogous to JEFFAMINE D- 230 and JEFFAMINE T-403 polyetheramines are now available under the names XTJ-568 and XTJ566, respectively.

JEFFAMINE® SD-2001 amine is a difunctional secondary amine derived from JEFFAMINE ® D-2000 amine. JEFFAMINE SD-2001 amine allows for better control of open time and curing speed in applications like polyurea spray coatings, polyurea pre-polymers, and polyurea hybrid systems. JEFFAMINE ® D-205 amine is similar in AHEW and structure to JEFFAMINE

Hebei Houfa New Materials Co.,Ltd - China supplier of Polyetheramine Jeffamine D-2000, T-5000 etc DETDA E100, DMTDA E300, Polyether Polyester Polyols, Blend Polyols, Flame Retardant TCPP, TCEP, MDI, TDI etc
  • Huntsman Jeffamine T-5000 is a 5000 MW primary trifunctional aliphatic polyether amine. Jeffamine T-5000 is suitable for use in polyurea coatings, adhesives, sealants and elastomer applications, as well as in epoxy systems. 819 cps at 25C. Supplied as a clear, almost colorless viscous liquid. AHEW: 952, Equivalent weight with Isocyanates: 1904
  • (a) D5, disclosing Jeffamine alkylene ether di- and triamines starting on page 1 as well as their use in epoxide opening reactions on page 4, and, in the alternative, (b) D6, disclosing both Jeffamine D-230 (an aklylene ether diamine) and Jeffamine T-403 (the alkylene ether triamine of D1) as epoxy curing agents (top of pages 7 and 11).
  • JeffamineT-403curedisothermallyat40°C,50°C,and60°C 63 3.19 Cure stress versustime for samplesof Epon 828/Jeffamine T-403 cured isothermally at 40°C, 50°C, and 60°C 64

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    828/T403 . cured properties. curing properties. composition: 100 pbw digylcidyl ether of bisphenol A (Epon 828) 45 pbw polyether amine Jeffamine T403. cured 24 hours ...

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    Huntsman Jeffamine T-5000 TDS : View: Jeffamine T5000: Huntsman Jeffamine T5000 MSDS: Huntsman Jeffamine T5000 TDS : View: Jeffol G31-35: Jeffol G31-35 SDS: Jeffol ...

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    jeffamine t 403: lambda cyhalothrin 5% ec: lanthanum nitrte hexahydrate. hs code 2846 9090: light liquid paraffin oil: light stabilizer / omnistab ls 123 (cas 129757 ...

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    Several phenalkamines were synthesised by conventional Mannich reaction; selecting various structural amines such as hexamethylene diamine (HMDA), isophorone diamine (IPDA), diaminodiphenyl methane (DDM), Jeffamine D-400 and Jeffamine T-403. Structures of these phenalkamines were confirmed by FTIR, 1 H NMR spectroscopy and evaluation of amine ...


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    Jeffamine D-230聚氧丙烯二胺Huntsman聚醚胺固化剂D-230; 面议 聚醚胺 环氧固化剂D230巴斯固 EC301; 面议 厂售聚醚胺D230 D2000 环氧固化剂 烷基糖苷APG系列 汽油清净剂原料B100/FL1000; ¥40.00 聚醚胺D230,T403,D2000,T5000,D400,ED2003,ED900端氨基聚醚 现货; ¥150.00

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    במסגרת צו הפיקוח על יצוא בטחוני (ציוד דו-שימושי מפוקח המועבר לשטחי האחריות האזרחית הפלשתינית) התשס"ט - 2008, בתאריך 4.3.2015 פורסם על ידי שר הביטחון, כתיקון לצו זה, רשימת מוצרים נוספים של "ציוד דו-שימושי מפוקח לעניין העברה ...

    jeffamine t403, Product Name Jeffamine® T-403 1.2 Relevant identified uses of the substance or mixture and uses advised against Identified uses Laboratory chemicals, Manufacture of substances 1.3 Details of the supplier of the safety data sheet Produced by HiMedia Laboratories Pvt. Ltd. Address 23, Vadhani Indl.Estate, LBS Marg, Mumbai 400 086, India.

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    Jeffamine T403 Polyoxypropylène triamine Tergitol NP40 nonylphénol polyéthoxylate TsO-POE Tosylate de POE . viii Techniques d’analyse ATG Analyse ...

    Three amines with different molecular structure, triethylenetetramine (TETA) and two polyetheramines (Jeffamine D-230 and Jeffamine T-403) were employed to functionalize multi-walled carbon nanotubes (MWCNT) previously oxidized by acid treatment.

JEFFAMINE ® T-403 amine (x + y + z) = ~ 5-6 PPG based polyether amines (primary) PDA Europe 2011 Annual Conference –The Hague, 14-16 November O O CH 2 NH 2 O NH 2 ...
Jeffamine D-230/400/T-403 Equivalent Malononitrile Mono Isopropylamine (MIPA) Potassium Bicarbonate (PBC) Adipic Acid Ortho Chloro Phenol (OCP) Ortho Dichloro Benzene (ODCB) Tetrahydro Phthalic ...
イソシアネートの製造法 【要約】 【目的】 経済的かつ商業的に実行可能であり、そして緩和な反応条件と短い反応時間でイソシアネートを高い収率で製造することができる非ホスゲン化ルートの方法を提供する。
Amine Jeffamine T-403 403 70 Summary All of the polyester or polyether polyols tested are compatible with Poly bd® R45HTLO in low concentrations, ranging from 10 to 50% of the total weight of the blend. Compatibility of those polyols with Poly bd® resin is affected by polyol type, functionality and molecular weight. Polypropylene