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Оглавление и нумерация разделов настраивается довольно просто в LaTeX, однако информация об этом разбросана по сайтам и книгам, которые искать вновь каждый раз лениво.

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>> \titleformat{\chapter} >> {\huge\sffamily\bfseries\textcolor{grau_dunkel}} > >I presume you mean \color. Read the graphics documentation. i wasn't surprised by that. does titlesec not preserve the latex rule that the last thing in the "format" argument may take an argument? which is not to say it's easy to guess what's going wrong here. as
  • Hi there, I am using LaTex in overleaf and so far it works quite well for me. However there is a problem with the labelling of the subsections I can not seem to solve.It labels my subsections with consecutive letters, which is fine but it should start over from A when a new section is made.
  • %% %% Der LaTeX-Begleiter, zweite Auflage (September 2005) %% %% Beispiel 2-2-16 von Seite 40. %% %% Copyright (C) 2005 Frank Mittelbach, Michel Goossens, %% Johannes ...
  • A comprehensive list of books on LaTeX and related topics in English, French, German, and Spanish. All books are useful resources for everybody from new users who wish to learn, to experienced users who are looking for a reference.

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    Et si l'on utilise l'extension titlesec, on peut figurer la commande \addcontentsline{toc}{chapter}dans \titleformat{name=\chapter, numberless}… pour ne pas avoir à le retaper à chaque fois. (05 Jul '16, 16:00) Bernard

    %\documentclass{article} %DÉSACTIVER POUR A5 \documentclass[a5paper]{article} %ACTIVER POUR A5 %######## % Packages # %######## \usepackage[utf8]{inputenc ...

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    Aquí hay un código de muestra con el paquete titlesec, sugerencia de Stefan. El comando titleformat deja todo en los valores predeterminados, pero necesita incluirlo (creo) para que los cambios en el espacio de títulos funcionen.

    %%%%% % Plasmati Graduate CV % LaTeX Template % Version 1.0 (24/3/13) % % This template has been downloaded from: % % % Original author ...

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    latex algorithm 缩进问题 如何绘制这样的树形图 Latex algorithm 标题行的问题 latex如何打出生僻字? 封面中Overfull \hbox (5.32085pt too wide)怎么解决? 请问如何在小美赛LaTex模板编号页上加入队伍的编号呢 这样的效果如何修改?

    The \titleformat command is provided by the titlesec package. You might want to look at its documentation.

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    pandoc (2.1.1) * Markdown reader: + Don't coalesce adjacent raw LaTeX blocks if they are separated by a blank line. See lierdakil/pandoc-crossref#160. + Improved `inlinesInBalancedBrackets` (#4272, jgm/pandoc-citeproc#315).

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    1.titleformat宏包命令详解 LaTeX中可以用titlesec宏包中的titleformat命令来改变标题形式: 导入宏包: 改变标题的代码如下: 不要看晕了,改变章节号的形式,主要修改label参数 各个参数含义如下: command 是要重新定义的各种标题命令,比如 \part,\c ...

    %% %% Der LaTeX-Begleiter, zweite Auflage (September 2005) %% %% Beispiel 2-3-14 von Seite 69. %% %% Copyright (C) 2005 Frank Mittelbach, Michel Goossens, %% Johannes ...

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    If you put % Haskell code into a file that ends in ``.lhs'' then the contents will % be ignored except for anything between \begin{code} and \end{code}. % % All that I do below is add the glue to make this invoke the % appropriate actions in the listings package when Latex processes the % file.

    LaTeX で文字サイズを細かく指定変更するためには, \fontsize コマンドを使用します. LaTeXサンプル \fontsize { 6.5pt }{ 0pt } \selectfont フォントサイズ:6.5pt 行送り:0pt \fontsize { 10pt }{ 20pt } \selectfont フォントサイズ:10pt 行送り:20pt \fontsize { 15pt }{ 40pt } \selectfont ...

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    \NeedsTeXFormat{LaTeX2e} \ProvidesClass{ActaOulu}[2012/12/19 -- Style for Acta Universitatis Ouluensis, created by Ville Varjonen] \clubpenalty=10000 \widowpenalty=10000 \setlengt

    # Time-stamp: 2018-02-02 13:03:05 kmodi> *Common Org SETUPFILE* *NOTE*: Do *not* include this file to an Org file using =#+include: ...=.Do: #+begin_src org ...

如果没有使用 属 中文,调用titlesec宏包用\titleformat命令来修改 ... 2020-07-06 latex如何把subsection部分的定理标号为2.2....
$ pandoc -t beamer --latex-engine=xelatex -V theme: metropolis -o output.pdf ... 26 Be aware that titleformat plain=allsmallcaps can lead to prob-
Je cherche à gagner de l'espace. Comment faire pour rapprocher les paragraphes de leur titre, avoir moins d'espace entre les titres et leur développement ? Même souci : comment gagner de l'espace entre les items d'un \enumerate ou \itemize, en gardant la graisse du titre et tout, mais en réduisant l...
If you were going to use "leftmargin", it would go in brackets right after \titleformat{\chapter}, but I actually think you want "display" instead. "display" is the shape used in standard Chapter titles in the book class, and it's the only one that puts the "Appendix A" part and the Appendix title on separate lines.